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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 29, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west, one of the most wanted men in the world, dead. taliban leader mullah omar who harbored osama bin laden and the 9/11 masterminds reportedly killed in a drone strike. the latest right now as we come on the air. deflategate bombshell. tom brady slammed by the nfl destroying his cell phone to hide evidence. his legal team calling it a sham. the reporter who broke the story here this morning. safari scandal. a lion beloved by tourists considered a national treasure in africa killed by a dentist from minnesota. the american hunter accused of luring the star attraction out of a national park, shooting with a crossbow. anger erupting around the world. the dentist shuts down his practice and in hiding now. we'll have what he's saying. ♪ medical miracle.
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meet the remarkable 8-year-old overcoming incredible odds. the first of its kind surgery giving him new hands and a new life. wait until you hear the one thing he says he is fighting for right now. ♪ my fight song ♪ and good morning, america. let's get right to that breaking news in the war on terror. mullah omar, chief ally of osama bin laden, forced underground when u.s. forces invaded afghanistan. a $10 million bounty on his head now confirmed dead. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with the details coming in right now and, brian, this man right at the top of the world's most wanted list. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning. the reports of the death of the one-eyed taliban leader came in the last few minutes to abc news from officials on the afghanistan government. a report u.s. officials have been hoping to hear for more
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than a decade. the government spokesman told us mullah omar was killed in a u.s. air strike more than two years ago with his death kept secret until this morning by the taliban. omar, who lost his eye while fighting again the russians in afghanistan was the man who gave osama bin laden and al qaeda a safe haven that allowed the terror group to establish its training camps and plot its attacks against the united states. he had been a top target of the u.s. since american forces invaded afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. but he was able to avoid capture despite that $10 million u.s. reward on his head. george? >> thanks so much. so much of the al qaeda leadership has been killed. we turn to the terror group who poses the biggest threat now, isis. a 23-year-old florida man with ties to the group arrested by the fbi for plotting to plant a bomb on a florida beach. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has those details. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. according to the fbi it was a vicious plan aimed at turning fun in the sun to carnage in the name of isis. harlem suarez only 23, a recent
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convert to islam, is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. in this case a backpack bomb full of nails he allegedly planned to bury in the sand and detonate by cell phone but it was all a sting against a man the fbi said was corrupted by an isis social media campaign. suarez was arrested monday after he allegedly took a fake backpack bomb from the fbi. >> we're trying to understand where somebody is on the specter between a consumer of this poison on twitter to an actor who is about to try to murder innocent people. >> reporter: the fbi became aware of suarez when one of his facebook friends told police he was posting statements promoting isis. fbi agents then sent a confidential informant his way. and suarez allegedly told the informant he wanted to make a remote control bomb. it's exactly the type of isis social media inspired attacks that the attorney general warned about in her recent interview with abc news. >> isis focuses on getting individuals to commit acts of
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violence in their name, which they will then take credit for. this is a different model from other terrorist groups. >> reporter: suarez's original plan, the fbi says, was to carry out a bombing on the fourth of july at south beach in miami or at marathon key. his alleged facebook posts chilling saying he wanted to see the black isis flag flying over the white house and that he wanted to behead americans and to burn others alive. the fbi says there are hundreds of terror investigations. many involving people just like this suspect. we've been tracking these cases and the arrests of these suspected isis followers this year is already more than double what it was in all of last year, george. >> got to be so vigilant. thanks very much. >> turning to those bombshell developments in the deflategate scandal. the nfl upholding tom brady's four-game suspension revealing the patriots' qb destroyed his phone even though investigators requested it as evidence. abc's ryan smith is at gillette stadium with the story.
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good morning to you, ryan. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, tom brady going on the offensive, issuing a debut on his facebook page and reiterated he won't become a precedent for players without a fight. this morning, an nfl bombshell. the league upholding a four-game suspension of new england patriots superstar tom brady for his role in deflategate. in a 20-page ruling goodell slamming the quarterback claiming there was an affirmative effort by mr. brady to conceal potentially relevant evidence and undermine the investigation. and adding brady had his personal assistant destroy his cell phone on or about the day of a meeting with investigators. saying the phone contained nearly 10,000 text messages, brady exchanged with many people over a four-month period while the investigation was ongoing.
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brady fighting back in a statement released this morning. to suggest that i destroyed a phone to avoid giving the nfl information it requested, is completely wrong. in the facebook post he denies being aware of deflategate. i was not aware that would result in any discipline but the nfl said brady's cooperation involving the cell phone crucial to the investigation and the nfl can't subpoena the messages. those messages on that phone now gone. brady's text messages under scrutiny since the deflategate report which shared texts between two patriot employees suggesting brady knew the balls were deflated. commissioner roger goodell saying the closest parallel to brady's attempt to gain a competitive advantage in a game by using underinflated
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footballs. this morning the superstar's agent calling the appeals process a sham. saying goodell's decision was based on junk science and patriots' nation is standing behind its hero. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> and the players union, telling us they will fight this h decision in federal court. george. this case seems far from over. >> thanks ryan. thanks very much. let get more from the reporter who broke the story about brady's phone. espn's stephen a. smith. goodell had been under some pressure to cut the suspension but once he had this evidence, the destroyed phone, that was it. >> i think that was it but obviously even coming into that he handed down a four-game suspension because they deemed tom brady completely uncooperative. it was clear they felt he could have been more forthcoming. he was resistant to that and because of that they're trying to send a message even the great tom brady is not above the
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rules. if you don't cooperate with us, we're going to attach a level of guilt to you because that's just the way it goes. >> now brady going to court which could end up being a mess for everyone. >> well, no question about it. he could take it to federal court but the bottom line is this. if you go to federal court people will be deposed. you'll have to give sworn testimony. >> under oath. >> under oath and the nfl is under the impression that's something that will work to their advantage because it gives them a license to ask additional information, things you may have been reluctant to answer before you're going to have no choice but to answer honestly right now and basically saying to tom brady and the new england patriots do you really want to go down this aisle? we're not sure you do. >> whose legacy will take the bigger hit here, tom brady or roger goodell in the end. >> i think tom brady and whatever tom -- whatever is going on with roger goodell in the past, ray rice, greg hardy, the list goes on and on, he's the commissioner, not an elected official. his boss the 32 owners who handed him $44 million for one year in 2012. the commissioner roger goodell will be just fine no matter
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what. it's tom brady who is the four-time super bowl champion who has players present and former literally saying as great as he is and no doubt a hall of famer we believe he tried to get an unfair advantage and in their eyes that is cheating and the fact you have your contemporaries past and present feeling that way, that is the ultimate indictment for a player, a professional athlete. >> can this keep him out of the hall of fame. >> i don't think so. it could potentially keep him as a first ballot hall-of-famer. i don't think that's going to happen. he's too phenomenal, too great, too accomplished but still when you have your colleague, contemporaries that look at you as if you've been stained and think it is legitimate that's the ultimate indictment against you. >> stephen a. smith, thanks very much. >> thank you. george we want to turn to a frightening scene in pasadena, california. a massive tree crashing down right onto a group of children. abc's kayna whitworth is at the scene for us with the very latest. good morning to you, kayna. >> reporter: hey, lara, good morning. so look behind me here you can
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see the roots of the tree. they are 4 feet tall themselves and the whole thing came crashing adown four feet away from the summer camp. officials say the timing couldn't be worse. there were 33 kids out here waiting for their parents to pick them up. this morning, an investigation into what caused this massive tree to come crashing down. >> a big crash and a boom and then people were running around screaming. >> reporter: the 75-foot pine falling on top of children as they left summer camp tuesday afternoon injuring eight. >> take this group to the museum, you don't expect a tree to fall over on their kids. >> reporter: witnesses say the kids tried outrunning the branches as they came smashing to the ground. >> fell down and i bumped into some trees. >> reporter: camp counselors and parents immediately started pulling kids out of the tangled mess. >> my heart was beating and thinking about my own kids i just tried to save as many as a could. >> reporter: two of the injured children rushed to the hospital. they remain in critical condition this morning.
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this just the latest dangerous tree collapse in recent months. in may, this tree came crashing down on two young boys playing in a park outside of boston. and on monday, a 5,000-pound tree crashing into this long island home pinning a sleeping 20-year-old woman to her bed. officials say between 25 and 35 people are killed every year by falling trees. most resulting from severe weather. but on this sunny california day, weather seemingly not the case leaving officials and family wondering what brought down the 75-year-old tree. that question still remains today. i want to show you something. when you look behind me the grass is very green. officials say the tree itself seemingly healthy. they will continue to investigate today. but, george at this point, it looks like it was a freak accident. >> sure seems like that.
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okay, kayna, thanks very much. we'll get the latest on that prison employee who helped two convicted killers escape in upstate new york. joyce mitchell now faces up to seven years behind bars for plotting with richard matt and david sweat as prosecutors reveal new details about her relationship with them. gio benitez has the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: it has prosecutors asking joyce mitchell what were you thinking. she fessed up to having a sexual relationship with one inmate and at one point even bringing them some rum and coke. overnight tears from joyce mitchell pleading guilty on tuesday admitting she helped two convicted murderers escape from prison. and now for the first time prosecutors revealing what the prison seamstress told investigators about her interaction with richard matt and david sweat saying mitchell sent naked pictures to sweat and even developed a sexual relationship with matt, quote, he treated me with respect and was nice to me. he made me feel special. >> when she realized who she was dealing with, everything changed. >> reporter: mitchell says the trio's final plan, we were all going to be together.
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>> she got in over her head into something she never should have started but she did and she's paying the price. >> reporter: these details coming to light as abc news obtains photos of mitchell's husband lyle visiting her in jail tuesday. mitchell says the two inmates called lyle the glitch and had given mitchell two pills to drug him on the day of the escape. the plan, she says, to later kill him. but she backed out. i was caught up in the fantasy, she says. i enjoyed the attention. the feeling both of them gave me and the thought of a different life. the district attorney saying he could only charge mitchell with what he could prove. promoting prison contraband. and facilitating criminal activity. >> regarding joyce mitchell cause justice has clearly been served. >> reporter: mitchell faces up to seven years in prison. now why did she plead guilty? her attorney says they were afraid of more charges, the evidence against her was just overwhelming, lara. >> sure seems it, gio, thank you very much.
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and now we turn to a potentially dangerous situation that unfolded in the skies over north dakota. a crowded passenger plane running out of gas. the pilot calling air traffic control for help then being told they would just have to wait. abc's jim avila has this story. >> reporter: in the skies over north dakota, a huge scare for 150 passengers and crew on board an allegiant airlines md-80 on a flight from las vegas to fargo. a jetliner dangerously low on fuel less than five minutes from falling out of the sky. >> we're circling fargo gore. we don't have enough fuel to go anywhere else. >> lifeguard 426, roger, there'll be a window of an opening in about 20 minutes for landing. >> yeah, i don't have 20 minutes. >> reporter: an exchange no one wants to hear. the pilot had been delayed on takeoff from vegas and arrived during a navy blue angels practice that had been scheduled for months. forcing the controller to wave off the now desperate pilot unless he declares an emergency.
7:15 am
>> there is grand forks airport which is 70 miles to the north. >> yeah, listen, we're bingo fuel in about probably three to four minutes and i got to come in and land. >> allegiant 426, roger, you'll have to declare an emergency for that and then we would coordinate to get you in. >> reporter: bingo is a military term that means running on empty and our aviation expert says he sees no excuse for that. >> a professional pilot will always try to leave him or herself an out. they will always have an option. >> reporter: the passenger jet declared an emergency. the blue angels got out of the sky and the plane landed safely with no one hurt. jim avila, abc news, washington. >> that's a close call, all right. >> sure was. >> upsetting. amy now with the morning's other top stories starting with some dramatic moments in court in colorado in that's right. the parents of the colorado movie shooter, james holmes are breaking their silence trying to convince jurors to save their son's life. holmes' father took the stand
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tuesday testifying his son was an excellent kid. robert holmes said he and his wife had no idea their son was mentally ill until he killed 12 people in that movie theater. holmes' mother testifies today. also this morning new video showing mohammad abdulazeez months before he went on that rampage in chattanooga killing four marines and a navy sailor. police dash cam video shows his dui arrest back in april. abdulazeez blamed his erratic driving on a lack of sleep, then had trouble walking toe-to-toe. his family says the arrest along with financial and emotional problems drove him to kill. new images overnight from one of the wildfires raging in northern california. this one near fresno. residents are on standby to evacuate a boy playing with a lighter is suspected of starting this blaze. 20 major fires are burning across five states fueled by the heat and drought. and more earthquakes are rocking oklahoma.
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nine more quakes on tuesday. followed more than a dozen the day before. the quakes are blamed on oil and gas drilling of two companies have now voluntarily shut down their wells near the epicenter. overseas heavy rains triggered this massive landslide in japan. sending a river of mud crashing down that mountain. people in the village below are seen fleeing. no one thankfully was injured but residents have been told to evacuate. well, a player on the boston red sox has earned his spot on this season's blooper reel. watch this play. outfielder mookie betts stretches out to make a catch but the -- whoa, yep, he flipped over the wall and drops the ball. >> oh. >> on his head. >> everyone was wondering did he hold it long enough? no catch they say. it's a home run. >> oh. >> painful but true. finally, a long awaited installment of the dumb criminals file. >> yay. >> it's been a file. if you're a bank robber on the run, you may want to want to postpone your film career for a
7:18 am
just a little while. seems like common sense. not for this guy in washington state. jason stange couldn't resist taking a small role in a horror film. it sure turned out to be a horror for him because federal marshals spotted him and his distinctive tattoo in a newspaper article about the movie. it wasn't long before he was back behind bars. just couldn't help himself. hubris every time. >> get that tattoo removed. media got him the role in the movie. >> or have the makeup artist cover it. >> you're acting like he's a smart criminal. the whole point is he's dumb. >> thanks for bringing that back. heat advisories all over the country. >> started feeling it yesterday. under a heat advisory in new york city. excessive heat warning in philadelphia and wilmington, delaware. that means the heat index will be close to 100. you see the advisories up here. you also have them in the middle of the nation, memphis, st. louis going to feel close to 110. even portland, oregon. i'll show you how hot coming up.
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>> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimates to. can you see some clouds are going to linger. the rest of us have hazy sunshine. the second "spare the air" day. it will be mild to warm tone. then cooler nights are on the way with changes on thursday the take the heat out of the profit and bring enough moisture we could have isolated storm on friday. 67 at the coast and 80s to 90s around the bay and 90s and 100s inland. my seven-day forecast is 10- or
7:20 am
15-degrees cool other we have a lot more ahead this morning. this world famous lion under protection in africa now dead after an american tourist killed him on a hunting trip shelling out more than $50,000 to do it. what this minnesota dentist is saying this morning. the desperate search for those two florida teens lost at sea enters a critical phase. a long day and sometimes, an even longer night. helping with homework before doing your own. and you may think no one notices... but she does. she sees more than "mom," she sees determination. we do too. for nearly 40 years, we've designed an education for people just like you. learn more at hurry in to the lowe's summer savings event for great deals, like 25% off all energizer® batteries plus get select faucets for only $69. don't miss out on summer's biggest savings at lowe's.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. crews are keeping an eye out for hot spots following a grass fire u in lafayette. it broke out just after 4:00 on deer hill road. it threatened one home before firefighters knocked it down. and we're learning a possible cell phone tower may have been
7:25 am
damaged causing disruption to service. official says the fire burned 8 acres. that's also shutting down deer hill road. that's not the only problem in the east bay. mobile 360 o is stuck in the backup in o oakland. it's right as z you approach high street. that's where the accident occur occurred. i can show you on the map. it's extending from 980, 40 minutes from 980 to haggen burger. when we come back
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thanks for sticking around. checking out this beautiful
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picture of the changes that are going to take place. showing that shallow marine layer and its cooling effects. 53 in half-moon bay. the north bay we're in the 50s. everybody else in the 60s to the higher elevations in the 70s. here's a look at our walnut creek camera. the most likely air is the poor air quality today. our second and possibly third spare the air day. if you're going to the game, temperatures in the 70s but a whole lot of sunshine. my seven-day forecast 10 to ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru.
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1 good morning, america. right now breaking news. one of the world's most wanted men is dead. mullah omar was reportedly killed by a u.s. drone strike. details still coming in at this hour. also new this morning, just a day after that stunning "new york" magazine cover word bill cosby will be forced to testify in a civil case against him. a california judge says he must give a deposition under oath no later than september 30th in the case of an alleged assault at the playboy mansion in 1974. also right now, a report that chinese hackers who stole personal information from tens of millions of americans from government computer may have targeted united airlines. investigators looking into whether the same group is behind that massive outage that grounded the airline earlier this month. good morning, america. so much news on this wednesday morning and looking forward to you meeting a little boy who
7:31 am
gave us all chills. a medical miracle. incredible surgery that gave him two new hands, a big high-five to him coming up. >> that is such a great story. >> such a great story, first, though, a disturbing story that minnesota dentist who has provoked international outrage for hunting and killing a beloved african lion. he says he did not know that cecil as he is known was off-limits until it was too late. abc's david wright is here now with the story. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this minnesota dentist has pretty much become the most hated man on the internet after poaching one of the most popular lions in zimbabwe. this morning, cecil the lion has fans the world over erupting in anger at the minnesota dentist who killed him. that's him there posing like a modern-day ernest hemingway. >> the gentleman was an american. >> reporter: the zimbabwe conservation task force says
7:32 am
palmer and his guides lured cecil out of the national park where he was the star attraction recognizable by his black mane. the lion accustomed to humans and fitted with a gps collar for research from oxford university which allowed authorities to track his movements. they say palmer shot him with a bow and arrow, tracked the injured lion for more than a day, finally finishing him off and skinning him. according to the bbc the hunters then tried to remove the gps collar but were unable to do so. palmer, who once told "the new york times" that he can hit a playing card from 100 yards with his bow issued a statement saying "i had no idea that the lion i took down was a known local favorite." and that he relied on the expertise of his guides. to my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted, he said. palmer reportedly paid about $54,000 for the trip. palmer's bloomington, minnesota,
7:33 am
dental practice seen here in a promotional video now shut down because of the backlash. people even leaving stuffed animals at the door. his facebook page suspended by a roar of outrage. his yelp entry swamped with comments like this "you're a horrible human being." another reviewer threatening "you kill defenseless animals, we kill your business." 13-year-old cecil the lion had cubs who will likely be killed by whichever new male takes over the pride. >> we not only lose one but a whole generation of lions. the african guides now face poaching charges in zimbabwe and the dentist may too but he's already back here in the states. you know, in 2008 palmer pled guilty to poaching a black bear in wisconsin admitting that he lied to federal game wardens about shooting the bear outside the permitted hunting zone. serious charge, george and lara could have carried a five-year sentence. he got one year's probation.
7:34 am
see what he gets on this. thanks very much. we turn to the trial of a north carolina doctor and his wife accused of allowing underage drinking at a wedding reception that led to the death of a teenager. the couple insist they were not at fault. dan abrams standing by to break down the case after this from abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a night to celebrate, dr. charles matthews and his wife kim were hosting a wedding reception at their north carolina home. their teenage son and his friends were among their guests. but when 18-year-old johnathan taylor died in a drunk driving accident on his way home, the matthews found themselves in big legal trouble with prosecutors sharing pictures of teens drinking at the party illegally. >> you know, obviously we were underage trying -- there's free alcohol. just tried to get as much as we could. no one was kind of limiting us. >> reporter: the couple is now charged with four counts of aiding and abetting underage possession and consumption of alcohol. they're pleading not guilty. their lawyers say the teens were drinking liquor they bought before the reception saying that
7:35 am
mr. and mrs. matthews never gave them permission to drink. >> you're not going to hear any evidence that they gave the bartenders permission to allow thomas or any of his friends to drink. >> reporter: prosecutors are sharing heartbreaking text messages. at 10:16 taylor asks his mother for a ride. a minute later she says, yes, where are you? she sends her husband a state trooper but the teen was already on the road. >> as a mother i knew something horrible happened. >> reporter: charges against the clerk at the liquor store were dropped but the case against the doctor and his wife continues. if found guilty they face possible probation or a fine. j.t. as he's known would have started college last fall. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> thank you, steve. let's turn to dan abrams right now so the parents say they didn't give the bartenders permission to serve the kids. is that it? >> no, that's not enough of a defense. even if everyone agrees that there was no permission, that doesn't end the case because the legal standard here is did they know or reasonably should have
7:36 am
known kids were being served alcohol, meaning kids meaning anyone under the legal age. and if it's determined that they knew or at least reasonably should have known, that people under age were being served, then they're likely guilty of this crime. let's be clear. this is a misdemeanor. it's just a misdemeanor but if they're convicted, you know, you lose driving privileges, et cetera, it could certainly impact his physician's practice. >> is this the kind of crime that's usually prosecuted. >> no, it's rarely prosecuted and, look, part of the defense here it was selective. why didn't you prosecute the caterers why didn't you prosecute the guy, the clerk, that sold some of the alcohol, et cetera? and, you know, that's a fair argument but it's not the legal defense here meaning prosecutors have discretion and the prosecutor's position is this was their party. this is where it happened and as a result, the parents are responsible. but, look, the minute you get charged in a crime like this, that's the -- that's the lose for the parents here, it's a
7:37 am
tough defense legally and the biggest loss for them was the minute prosecutors decided to move forward. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. let's go to ginger now. we have a lot of storms. >> oh, and the storms that we had -- i want to show you a video out of maine. first a picture out of murfreesboro, tennessee, 50 severe storm reports on now that video out of maine, north of portland, albion. i saw tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings all throughout maine and what was happening in wyoming, monday, gusts up to 100 miles an hour taking down trees and a bunch of trailers. thankfully no one injured. >> happy hump day. i am meteorologist mike nicco. another "spare the air" day as the heat is oppressive 97 to 107 and relief at the coast. 80s and 90 around the bay. my seven-day forecast is getting humid but cooler >> a all that weather brought to you by target. hey, guys remember when buffalo
7:38 am
new york had self enfeet of lake-effect snow? it's still there and there's grass growing out of it. obviously the dirt insulated it a little bit. >> it may still be there when we start -- >> the desperate search for those two florida teens lost at sea is now in a critical phase. the new video this morning, and why survival experts are saying there is still reason for hope. ♪ 1-2-3 baby you and me, girl. ♪ ♪ a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3, ♪ ♪ as simple... ♪ ♪ oh, 1-2-3 baby you and me, yeah. ♪ it's easy to be your favorite character with target. brandon thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come
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back now at 7:42 with that search for the back now at 7:42 with the desperate search for the two taken age boys lost at sea. authorities expanding the search zone for them all the way from cape canaveral, florida, to savannah, georgia. they've been missing since friday, experts now say, though, there is reason for hope. abc's kendis gibson is in jupiter, florida, with the
7:43 am
story. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: lara, good morning and overnight the coast guard with four cutters right here on the ocean searching for those boys. this morning, new video of the increasingly urgent search for perry cohen and austin stefanos. coast guard crews on board this c-130 plane surveying the vast ocean near jacksonville traveling at 200 miles an hour looking for the tiniest of objects. >> what makes the search difficult is the amount of space that we have to cover. >> reporter: it's so difficult to find anything on the open water, look how hard it is to spot our orange life vest and water cooler located only 200 feet away. the teens lost at sea for nearly six days. this morning, their anxious parents hopeful. >> i truly believe in my heart that they're okay. they're both extremely strong young men. >> reporter: there's reason for optimism. in 2005 two boys survived nearly a week at sea on a boat stranded 100 miles off the carolina coast, huddling together at night for
7:44 am
warmth spending their days praying before being rescued. >> just prayed every day. i mean every hour prayed and prayed and sing and everything else. just got to let god be with us. >> we just confirmed nobody is on board. >> reporter: authorities hoping the florida teens are clinging to the life jackets or cooler that were on board their boat. >> you want to stay afloat as easy as possible. if these kids have life vests that will take care of that for them. that really increases their chance. if they don't have to keep themselves swimming to stay afloat that increases their odds of staying alive dramatically. >> reporter: experts say the teens' biggest challenge might be time. and the coast guard recommends before heading out on the open ocean always have a safety plan and know where your flotation devices are and, lara, have them nearby. >> yeah, good advice, kendis gibson, we thank you. thinking about those boys and their families. next on "gma," you will want to stick around for this. wait until you meet this little boy making medical history. ♪ rispies. what's yours? ♪ a dash of fruit ♪ ♪ in their favorite color. ♪ ♪ a bunch of pineapple ♪
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this story will make you feel good about a little boy who became the first child in the world to get a double hand transplant. jesse has this incredible story >> george it is truly incredible. you're about to meet 8-year-old
7:49 am
zion harvey. doctors pushing the limits of medicine with a first of its kind procedure to give him a whole new life. >> when i was 2, i had to get my hands cut off. >> reporter: meet 8-year-old zion harvey. >> i don't know what a child hand looks like. it could be this color or this color. >> reporter: he was just 2 years old when he lost his hands and feet to a life-threatening illness but that hasn't stopped this brave little boy from anything. >> when i get those hands, i will be proud of what hands i get. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago zion's life changed forever he became the first child in the world to receive a dual hand transplant. 12 surgeons performing this groundbreaking operation at the children's hospital of philadelphia. and after nearly 11 hours of tense waiting -- we have some good news for you. your little guy has two hands. >> reporter: and on tuesday zion
7:50 am
with an ear-to-ear smile making a grand public appearance telling everyone what he is most excited for. >> playing with my sister. >> reporter: even sharing a special message. >> can i have some of my family stand up? i want to say to you guys thank you for helping me through. >> reporter: thanking the most important people in his life. >> family means trust, hope, support and if you fall down, they always catch you. >> i've been blessed with a godsend, an angel. he's my strength. >> reporter: an incredible boy ready to embark on his best journey yet. >> that's amazing. i know. now that zion has two hands, guys, he's asking to use them on a new dog promising that he's going to walk it and take care of it every day.
7:51 am
>> i believe him. >> i would like to personally pick out that dog. >> he is 6 going on 36 and the wisdom. coming out of the that little boy. >> it's amazing and his smile. it's a scientific miracle that is giving this deserving young boy a brand-new life and changing his life. such an incredible story. >> thank you. >> thank you. when we come back top of the hour all the big headlines. we'll also tell you about something called a cash diet. you have to throw away all your credit cards. a woman will tell you how it works. here's another great improve this! tip from lowe's. taking off on vacation. want to keep your plants healthy. and watered while you're away? try up cycling glass bottles. it's so easy. to see more go to on yahoo! . nice! now get 10% off select major appliances $396 and more at lowe's. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii...
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. this morning the santa cruz da is expected to announce if a 15-year-old boy will be charged as z an adult in a murder. police say the girl was lured into the suspect's apartment and then she knew and trusted him. the body was found tuesday in a dumpster at her mother's apartment complex. here's mike with the forecast. >> the weather on the east bay, you can see a little change in the marine layer. so the heat is going to break for some of us today. we're going to have highs in the 100s north bay. and 90s around the south bay with 80s elsewhere. we're going to take you over
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and a parenting alert. two children airlifted to the hospital because of severe sunburns. police now investigating how a day-care center allowed this to happen. ♪ i know you lie ♪ caught on camera. catcalling backlash. what happens when men see what their girlfriends really face and what to do about it. ♪ we are family ♪ and is "fuller house" about to get even fuller? why michelle may be back. are the olsen twins joining the show? ♪ it started with a whisper ♪ a "gma" exclusive, the booted bachelorette's nick speaking out for the first time. >> for better or worse i had a crush on the bachelorette. >> what he's saying go losing kaitlyn and his real thoughts on shawn. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ all that and "vacation's" ed
8:01 am
helms with us live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ and a "bachelorette" special this morning. there they are, the new couple, kaitlyn and shawn and the very first bachelorette couple, trista and ryan sutter also here. it's been 12 years now. they have two kids and they're going to give a little advice to kaitlyn and shawn in just a little bit. >> looking good out there in times square on this warm wednesday. "vacation" star ed helms is here as you just saw. hey, ed. so many hilarious vacation nightmares in this new film and you have your own to share with us. thousands have shared your awkward vacation photos. this morning one of you will get a chance to redo that trip winning $5,000 for your getaway and we'll reveal the winner coming up. also ahead a new way to save money, guys. it's called the cash diet. we'll tell you how it works and how taking a selfie could be the
8:02 am
key to putting more money in your pocket. get out your phones. >> yeah, get out your phones and get rid of your credit cards. that will do it. that's all coming up. now, let's go to amy with the morning rundown. we begin with breaking news. robert craft is lashing out to the nfl for its punishment of tom brady. he called it unfathomable and said there's no evidence he did anything wrong. kraft said he was wrong to put his faith in the league and roger goodell. earlier brady said i replaced my broken samsung phone with the new iphone after attorneys made it clear to the nfl that my phone would not be subjected under any circumstances. to suggest i avoided giving the nfl information it redwefted is completely wrong. the next step tore this case bill we in federal court. also breaking right now
8:03 am
another arrest tied to home ground terrorism. federal officials have a man in custody. in lackawanna new york. meanwhile, the got is confirming that mullah omar is killed. he was killed in an air strike two years ago. and in medical news a new weapon against obesity. the fda improved an inflatable balloon inserted into the stomach without surgery and makes patients feel full. patients love 14 pounds in six months. well, a mother from tulsa is outraged and heartbroken as she watches her sons struggle in pain. they spent hours in triple-digit heat during a day care field trip and suffered sunburn so severe, they had to be rushed to a burn unit. abc's reena ninan has more. >> it's been really hard to see them go through this. >> reporter: this morning an oklahoma mother speaking out about the horrifying sunburns she says her two young sons
8:04 am
sustained under their day care supervision. some of the images so gruesome we can't even show you. >> the owners of the day care told me, no, that's okay. we got sunscreen. we'll put it on them. >> reporter: shaunna broadway telling abc news 5-year-old trey and 7-year-old conner spent at least five hours outside in 100-degree heat without any sunscreen. broadway says happiness is a learning center employees did not bring any sunblock with them when they took them to the water park. >> she said, well, we were out of sunscreen and we told the boys to keep their shirts on and they didn't want to do it. >> reporter: the boys so badly sunburned they were airlifted to a hospital in texas suffering second and third-degree burns and are currently in stable condition. according to dhs, the day care facility has ceased operation. a representative from the facility could not be reached for comment. dermatologists say parents should apply about a shot glass sized amount of spf 30 or higher every two hours. >> there was too much sun exposure knowing that they did
8:05 am
not have sunscreen and some kids can go go out there for five minutes and get severely burned. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> we certainly hope they're going to be okay. reena, thanks for that. and a debate this morning about dress codes for women. a worker at jcpenney has quit her job after her boss sent her home to change saying her shorts were, quote, too revealing. she says the outfit came from jcpenney's own career style department and says the company never told her the dress code banned shorts. and finally one guy on his bike who got really angry when someone parked their car in the bike lane. in fact, he was so angry, he got off his bike and look at that. lifted the car out of his way. this happened in brazil where apparently men are really strong. i mean, the car looks pretty small but it still has to be pretty heavy, wouldn't you say? >> he won't be able to ride the bike with the hernia that it gives him. >> wow! >> that's very impressive. >> that kind of delicate ride
8:06 am
off too. >> right. thank you. people were cheering him on. maybe that helped him lift. >> wow, that was something. jesse could do it too. he's in the social square. >> that's right, george. this is what's going on on the "gma morning menu." first caught on camera men seeing what it's really like when their girlfriends get catcalled. now we've got an expert revealing the right way to handle it. and the cash diet. is it really the secret to saving big? plus, macklemore opening about up about his relapse and the big change in his life. that helped him get clean. plus, we've got ed helms here along with the new bachelorette along with trista and ryan. i'm handing out flowers all on "gma." no rose for you. no rose for you. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by nexium 24 hour available without a prescription. ♪ ♪ food should be good. strawberries should sing. lettuce should be dirty.
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8:11 am
a more human way to do. welcome back to "gma." it's time now for our "heat welcome back to "gma." it's time now for our "heat index." there it is and this morning, the hot button is on catcalling. so many women know what it's like to be harassed as they walk down the street, but now there's a revealing new video that's trending on youtube this morning that gives men a sense of what it's like showing them what happens when their loved ones are the target and paula faris is here with all of the details. good morning, paula. >> good morning, lara, you're right. it is trending big time. this video experiment produced emotions of shock and anger. to see how these women were treated really caught their boyfriends off guard and might surprise you, as well. >> hey, red. you making me wish i was those jeans. >> well, i wish i was your yellow hat. >> reporter: when it comes to catcalling, we can't all get instant respect like "the unbreakable kimmy schmidt." >> i'm sorry about the jeans thing. you made your point.
8:12 am
>> reporter: so decided to raise awareness by following three women on the streets of new york city then filming their boyfriend's reaction to some of the crass -- >> i'm getting a -- >> reporter: and brazen. >> get back to work and do your job. don't waste tax payers' money. >> reporter: -- catcalls. >> thank you, sir. >> what's your name? >> that's so messed up. >> i think that men are really surprised that we face this because they don't face the same issue when they go walk to the drugstore or go out to run an errand. >> reporter: one of the women featured in this video is tessa hirsch, an actress who lives in brooklyn. >> i get catcalled. most days that i walk outside. i feel scared and angry at them but also like angry that this is my experience being a woman in this society. >> reporter: her boyfriend of one year now further enlightened on the issue but conflicted on
8:13 am
how to handle it. >> there are plenty of men who know that this is wrong and don't want it to be done, but i guess there's that, you know, you don't know what to do. like do i say something? >> any man or woman what sees someone being catcalled should intervene. the most important thing we can do when it comes to catcalling street harassment is to teach young boys never to disrespect any woman. >> that guy was talking -- we're hiring at the strip club. nice. >> reporter: the video an effort to clean up the conversation. >> bye, sir. >> reporter: and say so long to street harassment for good. >> are you serious? >> now our expert says let's call this for what it is. it is street harassment and you should do two things, you should call out that person which is probably easier said than done and tell them you're harassing me and report it. if it's happening outside your office report to your employer. make sure they follow up. but the difference between harassment and actually being complimented like you look nice today. >> i understand harassment but people have gotten upset when i said this. i have a remedy for you, wait
8:14 am
till you turn 40. it goes away, it does. it all calms down. >> wait. are they talking to me? thank you. >> ali calls me immediately when she's complimented on the street. she wants to make sure i know it. >> thank you. >> so we want to know how do you handle being catcalled? tweet us with the #socialsquare. george. >> next up in the "heat index." the cash diet -- we're all getting in trouble. here's what it means. no more debit cards, no more credit cards. you only buy something if you have the cash to pay for it. we first read about it in "business insider" and rebecca jarvis met the woman who gave it a try. ♪ no no no ♪ >> reporter: freezing your assets like in "confessions of a shopaholic" shows us how some go to extremes to chill their spending. ♪ no no no ♪ >> reporter: also keeping her credit card at bay, 23-year-old kathleen elkins. >> no plastic. >> reporter: the "business insider" reporter challenging
8:15 am
herself to a cash diet budgeting $125 a week for daily purchases outside of rent and utilities. about 21 bucks less than the typical budget of a single american. >> it's a great way to know how quickly your cash can leave your wallet. >> reporter: elkins says her cash only diet has her on track to save at least $50 a month, $600 a year and with the average single american living on about $5,000 in credit card debt, she says this kind of savings can go a long way. but it can be hard to stay on track. >> i had to buy a wedding gift but, you know, those things come up, so that's $60. it was really eye opening when three days in the week i'm out of money. >> reporter: we kick off week three of the cash diet by her side. groceries are at the top of her must haves. >> milk for sure. there goes 5 bucks. >> reporter: i know. let's see the receipt. how much did you spend? >> i spent $9.38 for some eggs and milk.
8:16 am
kind of a lot. >> reporter: a tenth of your budget. >> about a tenth of my budget. >> reporter: in just a few minutes. elkins says food eats up a sizable chunk of her weekly allowance. so she's really learning to be more conscious of what she needs versus wants. with a little dose of discipline. clothing shopping. >> clothing shopping. that was the toughest. i bought a pair of sneakers, and there were a lot of things i could have bought but it makes you think long and hard. >> reporter: while cash is king for her, elkins says she's keeping the plastic for big purchases to build up credit and reap in reward programs. >> ready? >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> let's dig into this with our work place contributor tory johnson. tory, how do you decide if this is right for you? so what you're trying to figure out, am i a mindless swiper right? am i constantly swiping that credit card without thinking about it. so i think a selfie can help you.
8:17 am
so, every time for a week, take a week, every time you swipe your credit card take a picture of it then you look at that over the course of a week and say, you know what, did i really need that third cup of coffee? did i really need to take a taxi when i could have walked? did i need to buy that extra t-shirt? so often we swipe because it's easy and convenient. >> if it turns out, okay, that's right so i need to try this, what do you do? >> i say, okay, i swiped a little too much. i'm going to try to go cash only. figure out what the real budget is. if i eliminated all the excesses what is the real budget then you'll stash some cash so you're going to put the cash in a wallet. i love to use a wallet that has lots of different areas because it's sort of like portion control. when you see it all you eat it all. when you don't see it, you don't spend it. put some in a shoe box if you have to and some in your desk drawer so you're disciplined for the week. you might have to decide there's a day where you're just not spending or a day you bring your lunch instead of buy your lunch because it's impossible to just live on this amount of cash. at the end of the week whatever is left and it's not going to be a lot goes into your splurge jar and at the end of the month this is it.
8:18 am
mine would be a lot smaller than this, right but you get to use this to decide -- >> for fun? >> what am i going to do for fun? >> you're not saying to get rid of credit cards. >> no, don't clip the plastic. i think that credit card, responsible credit card spending is a great way to save money, track expenses hello! "deals & steals" tomorrow. definitely not clipping credit cards but can help you with that mindless swiping when you just use cash. >> great advice. tory, thanks very much. back to you. > it all adds up. thank you, guys. also on the "heat index," a "gma" exclusive. "the bachelorette's" nick speaks out, the man kaitlyn rejected is opening up about the proposal, the ring toss and his message for kaitlyn and shawn. here is none other than abc's nick watt. >> reporter: while you were watching nick's bachelorette rejection on national tv, so was he. >> and i am yours forever if you'll have me.
8:19 am
and, um -- no? >> like right when she grabbed me, you know, at the end and i was like, no, i was like -- >> reporter: kaitlyn accepted shawn's proposal instead and nick did this. kaitlyn and shawn had a little laugh about the ring toss. >> oh, did they? >> reporter: yeah. in that's nice of them. >> reporter: right here on "gma." >> i thought it was funny. a weak toss. >> shawn really enjoys saying things about me. >> reporter: i think he does. >> it just seems weird like why he would talk about me so much. >> reporter: now, nick was also on "the bachelorette" last season. >> i woke up this morning and didn't feel that something was right. >> reporter: but he failed at the final hurdle. why did you do this gej? you're either a hopeless romantic or dumb as a post. >> maybe both. who knows. for better or worse, i had a crush on the bachelorette and i felt like i had no other choice. >> reporter: so he joined this season halfway carpe diem, carpe duh. you had to watch kaitlyn walk off into the sunset with a pudgy
8:20 am
ryan gosling. >> you know, it's okay. i wish them the best. >> reporter: do you still love her? >> as far as being in love, i've certainly moved on from those feelings. >> reporter: are you seeing somebody else? >> i'm not currently dating anyone. >> reporter: i mean, are you capable of meeting a woman not on a tv show? >> yeah, i meet a lot of great women. >> reporter: how about you become the bachelor? >> there could be 25 women. you could fall in love with one and she might not feel the same and with my luck, you know, that might happen. >> reporter: i think you'd be great. >> you think so? >> reporter: i do. >> i'm always going to go for it, you know, i'm always going to follow my heart. >> reporter: by the way, he's better looking in real life than he is on tv. #teamnick. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> okay, nick. fun. >> thank you, nick. all right, let's head outside to ginger now. >> good morning, everybody. i first want to show you, your
8:21 am
bucket list was to hold a sign, so you've done it. my new friends from missouri, flip it over because we're also celebrating 50 years of marriage between the two of them. congratulations. we've got to start with the southwest, though, because the monsoon is on and tucson, lightning, thunderstorms, one to two inches of rain in parts of southern arizona. now we're on flash flood watch in northern new mexico. you can see the other watches and warnings that are out this morning. floodwise, tampa still has the potential to get some of those stronger storms and a quick look at the dangerous heat. this would be the heat index for later this afternoon. 101, birmingham. all right. that's the big picture. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimates to. can you see some clouds are going to linger. the rest of us have hazy sunshine. the second "spare the air" day. it will be mild to warm tone. then cooler nights are on the way with changes on thursday the take the heat out of the profit and bring enough moisture we could have isolated storm on friday. 67 at the coast and 80s to 90s around the bay and 90s and 100s inland.
8:22 am
my seven-day forecast is 10- or 15-degrees cool other >> it is so nice and hot and humid. this little guy has so much energy. show me that bounce. i want what you had this morning. all right. i'm coming in for "pop." jesse. >> good morning, ginger. we got the bounce too. we got it going on. always time for "pop news." >> agreed. >> let's get it fired up. i want to take everybody at home back on a little trip down memory lane when you listen to this song. oh, yeah, everywhere you look. the song is not playing. i'm taking you there anyway. there's more news on the "full house" front. the tanner family is back in action on the set filming the highly anticipated netflix reboot. as far as an appearance by michele, there's still a glimmer of hope. netflix boss ted soriano saying the olsen twins are teetering whether or not they're even going to be around but even after the executive producer of the new show announced the twins won't be surprising their adorably shared role so maybe they're still thinking it over. i hope they are.
8:23 am
>> it does sound like it. a glimmer of hope. >> the cast is already having tons of fun celebrating lori loughlin's birthday yesterday and just falling right back into those beloved characters. stamos is running away. the flowers. >> such a good show. >> i know. >> uncle jesse. that was the best -- >> uncle jesse. >> aging in reverse. he looks so good. i'm excited for that. >> everybody is in it for that. >> they should. you know, the twins have their fashion brand going. started in the '80s. '80s, baby. >> that's right. >> yes. all right, now is a good time for me to move on. if you are running a carnival you'll want to close your eyes on this because this is what happens when former nba all-star gilbert arenas spends the weekend at the orange county fair. he balls out. arenas reigniting his hibachi nickname ruling the carnival courts winning a game of hoops 15 times. take a look at that photo.
8:24 am
he actually has four children in that picture somewhere. it's like where's waldo? you got minion stuffed animals. you can't find them, so they basically told him he had to stop playing and blew the whistle on him because he had won too much and he hit the max prize at 15 but did say he could come back another day and may want to get a new shipment of stuffed animals first. that's what happens. >> all afternoon to get one. >> no pressure. >> i always feel like when you go to those carnivals, aren't they fixed so you don't win? >> you were a winner. >> i'm good at whack-a-mole in every sense of the word. >> you were a winner then. i think you are about to be a winner right now. >> i heard that there might be some nice reading. >> before this next story, i would first like to say, america, you're welcome. because it's time for a story that's about to set the internet and lara sponsor, on fire.
8:25 am
this is a special "pop news" pop in. please help me welcome the firefighters from the official fdny 2016 calendar of heroes. >> whoo-hoo! >> hi, fellas. >> that's right. that's right. >> how are you doing, brother? good to see you. welcome. welcome. >> this is actually an important story. hi, guys. this is important. this is really a philanthropic event. >> it is. >> it's about giving back, america. >> and we're giving back to everybody right now. i got james on the cover of this calendar. >> i hadn't noticed. >> from ladder company 22. i want to ask you first off, brother, tell us a little about this calendar. >> this is the official fdny calendar for 2016. all proceeds go to the fdny foundation. the fdny foundation supports a lot of fire safety and fire prevention programs in the city so it's very good. >> it sounds like it's really for a good cause at the end of the day. >> every penny goes to that. >> yes. >> so, everybody should give back. >> yes. >> you're not even a month, right? you're the cover. >> he's the cover? and then everybody -- what month? >> i'm july.
8:26 am
>> everybody, mr. july, and thank you all for getting up early. >> so appropriate we have a heat advisory today. >> isn't it? >> in so many ways. >> guys, don't worry. if you aren't living in new york you can still get your hands on one of these calendars. you just have to head to our website, on yahoo! guys, thanks for being here. >> thank you, guys. congratulations. >> thank you for all you do. >> we got a lot more coming up on "gma" including macklemore opening up about a recent relapse and the eye-opening change that helped him turn his life around. shh. this is huge. i have just a few seconds to clue you in on some to die for deals and steals. 82% off and get this everything under $20. so are you ready? >> i'm ready for you, baby. >> well, then tomorrow watch "good morning america."
8:27 am
good morning, i'm earthric thomas. crews are keeping an eye out for hot spots following a grass fire in lafayette just after 4:00 on deer hill road. the fire threatened one home before firefighters knocked it down down. no injuries were reported. we're learning of a possible cell phone tower that may have been damaged causing disruption to service. officials say the fire burned 8 acres. let's check on the commute with leyla gulen. >> we head back into oakland, traffic is easing up. if you're trying to make a flight, we're learning at much better conditions. back to top speeds as you make your drive away to high street with a little bit of residual slowing. northbound traffic is pretty heavy. here's what it looks like traveling westbound on 24 away
8:28 am
from walnut creek. slow and go this morning. >> when we com
8:29 am
check out the view as you see the clouds and marine layer and cooling affects along the coast into san francisco. but inland like here in walnut creek we're going to have poor air quality. inland east bay stretching into tomorrow we'll go green friday, saturday and sunday. going to the game low 70s. watch out for the sunshine.
8:30 am
here's my seven-day forecast. the heat will ease by 10 to 15 ♪ just keep your eyes on my i said come on -- >> welcome back to "gma." look at those lifeguards. listen to the music. thousands casting votes for your favorite lifeguard in the surf n' turf showdown. lots of submissions coming in. the tally is in. >> yeah, there they are. the three finalists heading here to battle it out live in times square for $10,000. that is the grand prize. >> that's right. and they represent milwaukee, wisconsin, gulf shores, alabama and austin, texas, and they are facing off live tomorrow on "gma." cannot wait for that. >> it is going to be a fun day here but right now we're going to get some revelations from macklemore the superstar rapper is opening up about his relapse into drug use last year and the big change in his life that helped him get clean again. dan harris has the story.
8:31 am
♪ i'm so damn grateful ♪ >> reporter: macklemore may be best known for party anthems like "can't hold us." ♪ what it is what it does ♪ >> reporter: but the rapper whose real name is ben hagerty has been very open about his own dark side, his struggle with drugs and alcohol. and now he is revealing to the hip-hop magazine "complex" that the struggle is not over, that he had a relapse last year. "i held it together for awhile but eventually i stopped going to my 12-step meetings. i was burnt out. i was super-stressed. we weren't sleeping, doing a show every day. the pressure and the fame, everything, all the cliches, man. i just wanted to escape." when i sat down with macklemore and his musical partner, the producer ryan lewis last year as they were winding down their world tour, he admitted that he was worried about relapsing. >> for me what is a temptation is coming home off of the road which is why this time period is interesting. >> reporter: so right now is -- >> this is when it's happened
8:32 am
before. >> reporter: really? >> this is when i've fallen back before. >> reporter: and, in fact, when macklemore started abusing sleeping pills and marijuana last year, work on the pair's next record came to a halt. the good news, when his fiancee trisha davis got pregnant macklemore decided it was time to finally, quote, grow up. he is now sober with a new record due later this year. ♪ copping it watching it about to go and get some compliments ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> he's got his priorities straight. >> yeah. >> absolutely. i'm glad to hear that. thanks, dan. now we want to get to "gma's" get out and give and for my summer of service i wanted to share a really special way for kids to get involved in giving back. you don't need a lot of time or money, just a desire to help and maybe a dog or two. one of the best things you can give your kids is to show them how simple it can be to make a real difference in the lives of others. cocoa, are you ready? all right. let's do it. all right. buckle up, guys.
8:33 am
i tried to do that with my 10-year-old daughter kate. her friend maddie and two of our dogs, cocoa and dandy by bringing them to nathaniel witherall, a local nursing care facility in our town so they could experience the pet therapy program. the only requirements needed for this kind of pet therapy, just a dog or cat and a willingness to meet new people. >> how are you? nice to see you. >> reporter: a terrific way for the youngest and the oldest in our communities to bridge the generation gap while receiving all the great physical and emotional benefits that come from a pet. >> it must be hard for your residents. these are senior citizens, some who have ailments and then they have to give up their beloved pet. >> well, residents here may have had to give up dogs coming in here, and between young people and dogs, you know, it's win/win. >> reporter: just petting a dog releases that feel good hormone oxytocin, which helps reduce loneliness and depression. >> cocoa says thank you for all
8:34 am
the nice rubs. >> oh this dog is just -- they're your best friend. >> i agree. >> this is dandy. >> dandy. isn't he cute? >> he's like a family member. spending time with these four-legged friends also has a positive effect on vital signs, lowering heart rate and blood pressure. >> want to give a kiss? kianna gallagher is a 14-year-old volunteer who sees the way the residents' eyes light up during pet therapy. >> they took care of us like you take care of your daughter so now it's time for us to give back to them. >> thank you for sharing. >> reporter: in just one hour the girls learn life lessons they will remember always, by making sure these residents never feel forgotten. so what do you think, thumbs up on coming back? >> oh, yeah. >> well, high-five. high-five. we have a date? want to do it again? >> yeah. >> should we bring harry next time? >> yes. >> let's do it. >> it's easier for them to like reach. >> yeah, the next time three dogs.
8:35 am
more dogs, more love. >> when a great idea. >> yeah, and there are perhaps like this all over the country. please check with your local facility. it really makes such a difference. if you have a dog you know all about unconditional love, cats too. all are welcome and for more on abc's be inspired, go to on yahoo! george. >> thank you for bringing that, lara. . we're going to move on to nicole richie back with season two of her show "candidly nicole" where nothing is off limits and our abbie boudreau spoke to her about everything from fashion to her famous father. >> reporter: the name of her show pretty much says it all. >> and it's till about me. >> reporter: nicole richie's mock reality show "candidly nicole" premiering its second season tonight on vh-1. >> get off me. the show is based off my twitter feed. my curiosity for things is definitely real and it's more of a mission based comedy after the curiosity. >> i mean, you're very funny. >> well i did get class clown my senior year in my yearbook.
8:36 am
>> reporter: this season even her famous father lionel richie making a cameo. >> there's some people out there that is going to go, that's sick. >> reporter: how would he describe you? >> insane is what he'd probably say. >> reporter: while other ss would say fabulously fashionable from head to heels. the tell it like it is mother of two never shy about giving advice to her eager fans lining up at our "candidly nicole" booth at the grove in los angeles. >> i like to think of myself as somewhat of a guru. >> reporter: from hair and makeup. >> i think you should believe it white. >> you think so? >> that's what i'd do. >> what about any like diy beauty tips? >> all you need is some lip balm and an eyelash curler and like that's your look. >> reporter: to advice about young love. >> if i like a guy, but it's my friend's ex-boyfriend -- >> whoo! >> -- do you think he's off limits or should i ask her? >> 1,000%. 1,000%. ovaries before brovaries. >> reporter: now my turn for a quick few questions in a "gma"
8:37 am
lightning round. who has more fun, blonds or lavender? >> lavender. lavender is more fun much >> reporter: more important to be comfortable or cute? >> comfortable. >> reporter: throwing back to her first hit reality show with her then bestie, paris hilton. "a simple life" or "candidly nicole"? >> oh, my god. i can't choose. i cannot choose. >> reporter: you have to. >> okay, well, because i like to live in the now, i'm going to say now "candidly nicole." >> reporter: living in the now and loving it. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, abbie. she is funny. "candidly "candidly nicole" returns tonight on vh-1. ginger. >> let's go back and say hello to my friends from ponder, texas. ponder is closest to what? >> dallas. north of dallas. >> just north of dallas, so plenty hot today and you know where else is really hot? heat advisories out on the oregon coast. northern california, you could see temperatures not only in the triple digits but staying that way. and that's the problem. the relative humidity as low as 8%. there is high fire danger out there too so something to look
8:38 am
for. you know where it's cooler and more comfortable up in the northern plains, nor >> happy hump day. i am meteorologist mike nicco. another "spare the air" day as the heat is oppressive 97 to 107 and relief at the coast. 80s and 90 around the bay. my seven-day forecast is getting humid but cooler thiser >> all that weather brought to you by panera bread. all right, guys, i'm back. >> all right, ginger guess who is going to be here in a minute? ed helms star of "vacation" is here live. [ cheers and applause ] right here
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
look who we have here for the very first time actually. ed helms decided to make his way to "good morning america" and we're very happy to have him here. he stars as a grown-up rusty griswold in the new "vacation" movie, and he is determined to turn his family's bad attitude about a trip to the infamous walley world around after they suggest he's just trying to relive his past. take a look. >> i don't know. we're not redoing anything. this will be completely different. for one thing the original vacation had a boy and a girl. this one has two boys and i'm sure that there will be lots of other differences. >> i never even heard of the original vacation. >> doesn't matter. the new vacation will stand on its own. okay? >> i see what you're doing there with that. a lot of people saying you can't
8:42 am
make over the original "vacation." you have some fun with it there actually addressing it in the movie. >> yeah, because, by the way, i agree with that. you can't remake a gold -- the original "vacation" is one of the greatest movies ever. so this is a sequel. >> a sequel. >> a 30 year later sequel. >> and you got to work with the original clark and ellen griswold. how incredible was that? >> yes. that for me was a dream come true. >> was it intimidating at all? >> very intimidating but just because i've kind of worshipped chevy chase since i was 10 years old, and i mean if there were action figures for "the three amigos," that's what i would have instead of "star wars" figures actually but, yeah, so meeting him was such a thrill and then to work with him, i mean, a blast. >> yeah, chevy and beverly d'angelo, just classics, classics. one of the best moments of the movie is when we hear you sing
8:43 am
seal's "a kiss from a rose." >> oh, yeah. >> you sing a lot in movies. >> i sing arguably too much. >> i don't know. it's pretty funny. we heard you in "the hangover" and in "the office," right? is singing in your contract? is that a part of your characters? >> for some reason i'm associated with singing now and so people tend to write it into projects that i work on but, yeah, yeah, that -- i still get e-mails from that chicken. [ laughter ] we're close. we bonded. >> play it again, ed. >> yeah. >> you laugh, but you're a musician in real life. >> i am, yes. >> you are. you have a bluegrass band called the lonesome trio that you started in college and you recently performed on stage with mumford and sons at bonnaroo this summer. look at you guys. >> hey, look at that. >> is that you on the banjo? >> yeah, that's me. that's cool. i've never seen this video.
8:44 am
>> what else do you play? >> i play banjo. the lonesome trio is two of my best buddies, jake and ian that we've been playing together for 20 years and we just finally cranked out an album and i think it just dropped on vinyl. >> you think? >> for all you vinyl nerds out there. >> i love it. i love it so this movie is about family vacations. have you ever had a vacation disaster? >> yes, yes, i had a crazy trip in my 20s. i went to indonesia with some buddies, and we were like in the middle of nowhere, and my buddy like gashed his knee in a way that like wasn't funny at all like emergency and but we were a day away from anything and i was like, let's leave him. we have to get out of here. >> that's nice. so i'm not to go on vacation with you. >> i panicked. i'm a panicker. so but we managed to make our way to like a missionary infirmary. they sewed him up.
8:45 am
he was fine and we laugh about it now. >> what's fungier is when you have photographic evidence of that. we have a big announcement. we have the winner of the awkward vacation photo contest. thousands of people sent in their pictures of their best vacation disasters, and you're going to call the winner live and let them know that they've won, ed. so will you do the honors? >> oh, boy. >> we brought in a phone for you. >> all right. a phone from "the flintstones." >> a rotary dial. >> here we go. >> it really works. >> hello. >> it's ringing. >> it's ringing. >> hello. >> hello. >> emily? >> yes. >> hi. this is ed helms on "good morning america." [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. >> keep it together. you won because your family photograph is the most insane thing i've ever seen. there it is.
8:46 am
>> i have my little sister here too, sara. >> actually we're hoping that one of those goats is standing by because they're the winner. >> you know what, it was a little while ago so maybe not. >> what was happening there? why were you being devoured by goats? >> they give you these little ice cream cones full of deer seed and i'm holding it and i wanted to give each little animal one and unfortunately, the big animals attacked me. >> and your sibling doesn't care at all. >> not at all. not at all. >> we're going to give you a chance to redo it so you're going to head back to -- is that banden, oregon. >> yes! >> all right. you're hitting the road, emily, congratulations. ed, thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. it was a blast.
8:47 am
please come back again. >> yeah. it was my pleasure. >> "vacation" is in theaters now and to see more hilariously awkward vacation photos, go to our website, on yahoo! next on "gma," we've got the newly engaged bachelorette couple and one of america's favorites, trista and ryan, they're all here live. stay with us. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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8:49 am
time now for "gma's" summer of love. bachelor nation is still celebrating its newest engaged couple, kaitlyn and shawn. they're both here. look at them. both of them. >> we thought it would be great to just not only have kaitlyn and shawn but bring back season one of "the bachelorette." i can't believe you guys are here, trista and ryan, everybody. welcome. how great. kaitlyn and shawn, it's got to be a wild couple of days. you guys doing all right? >> yes. >> yes. >> we're going off coffee right now. >> yep. welcome to our world. >> trista, you guys were obviously -- you're the first
8:50 am
bachelorette, and look at you now 12 years later, 2 kids later. do you have any advice for the latest bachelorette couple and how you make the love that you saw on tv last in real life? >> well, i'll say this, they are here so i'll talk to them but if you ever need to chat, just give me a call. i think one of the big things that was good for us is just kind of getting away from the spotlight and getting home and really focusing on each other. i think that was pretty key for him taking me to vail and really getting to the mountains and just living life with each other as a priority. >> two young beautiful children. if they get to that point, do they know how you met? >> they don't yet. >> will they? >> they never will. >> unfortunately, there's video evidence. >> yeah, i'm sure they're going to find out someday. >> unless they know what a television is. they will someday. >> how much more difficult do you think it is for this young couple with the social media
8:51 am
aspect of the show? i mean, you took a lot of hits, i know, kaitlyn, throughout the show. >> yes. >> can you imagine doing it again today? >> no. >> no. >> you know what, i think that there's a positive element too. we were talking to them earlier. and i think you get -- there's people that accuse you and then there's also people that support you, and you if just focus on that, that's good. >> so we'll play a little game. a newlywed game even though you are almost newlyweds. so we're going to be calling it couple confidential. we want to know how you know -- how well you know your significant other. >> we already know the answers so we already know how you did. but we want to see. let's do it. >> okay. >> first question, kaitlyn and trista, you can put up your first card. what is ryan and shawn's guilty pleasure? >> all right. >> we're flipping this way? >> yes. >> okay. >> there we go. >> now we'll see how good you were. let's see what your answer was, ryan. oh, look at that. >> yay. yay! >> that is an amazing start. >> now this one is for the guys.
8:52 am
so what is kaitlyn or trista's secret talent? >> oh. >> okay. >> making breakfast sandwiches. all right. trista, let's see. is your secret talent being a legal analyst? >> it is. >> oh. >> yes! >> you must have had some. >> that actually is a talent. i make the best breakfast sandwiches. >> ever. >> now to the one for the gals. where did you go on your first real date after "the bachelorette"? >> this is easy for us. >> not too easy for us. it's been 12 years. i was like i don't remember anything with two children. >> show the cards. >> we went on a trip to steamboat, colorado. >> okay. >> how about you, kaitlyn. >> about six hours ago. >> yeah, the wren. >> all right. let's see if the boys got it right. >> yay! >> you're good. >> 3 for 3, all of you guys.
8:53 am
you have a long life together. >> both of you will win prizes. we have -- we always have the best trophies, don't we? >> oh, my. >> you guys now can play the newlywed game at home. congratulations. you can see more of the games with the bachelorette on our website on yahoo! congratulations, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by windows. a more human way to do. >> we thank you so much for watching. tomorrow on "gma" we've got some "deals & steals" and demi lovato is with us live. >> cannot wait for that. we hope you have a fantastic wednesday. so long.
8:57 am
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good morning i'm eric thomas. this morning the santa cruz da is expected to announce if a 15-year-old boy will be charge ed a z an adult in the murder of an 8-year-old. police say the girl was lured into the suspect's apartment and that she knew and trusted him. the body was found monday in a dumpster at her mother's apartment complex. good morning, everybody. dangerous heat inland once again. triple digits east bay unto santa rosa. 80s to 90s for the rest of us. if you're going to the game a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. going to feel pretty warm. it's going to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler by saturday. as we take you right in we have an accident blocking one lane. traffic awful in and out of san
9:00 am
francisco. you can see both sides of 10 to bumper. >> time now for >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new comedy, "vacation," ed helms. and a doctor from florida gates new look as we continue "live"'s "picture-perfect makeover" week. plus performing her new hit, "love me," joss stone. all next on "live." now, here are your emmy-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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